Main Causes of Deterioration of Refrigerator Oil for Central Air Conditioner


The main reasons for the deterioration of the refrigerant oil of the central air conditioner I. The main reasons for the deterioration of the refrigerant oil

1. Mixed with water

As the air seeps into the refrigeration system, the moisture in the air is mixed in after contacting with the refrigeration oil; The main reason for deterioration of refrigeration oil of Wuhan Central Air Conditioner is that when there is more water in the refrigerant, the water will also be mixed with the refrigeration oil. When water is mixed in the refrigeration oil, the viscosity will decrease and the metal will be corroded. In the Freon refrigeration system, the phenomenon of "ice jam" will also occur


2. Oxidation

During the use of refrigeration oil, when the exhaust temperature of the compressor is high, it may cause oxidation deterioration. Wuhan Central Air Conditioning, especially the refrigeration oil with poor chemical stability, is more likely to deteriorate. After a period of time, residues will form in the refrigeration oil, which will deteriorate the lubrication of bearings, etc. Organic fillers, mechanical impurities, etc. mixed with refrigeration oil will also accelerate its aging or oxidation;


3. Mixed refrigerant oil

When several different brands of refrigeration oil are mixed, the viscosity of the refrigeration oil will be reduced, and even the formation of the oil film will be destroyed, which will cause damage to the bearing; If two kinds of refrigeration oil of Wuhan Central Air Conditioning contain antioxidant additives of different properties, when mixed together, chemical changes may occur, forming sediment, which will affect the lubrication of the compressor. Therefore, attention should be paid to the use.


4. There are impurities in the refrigerant oil.

2、 Selection criteria of refrigeration oil

There are many specifications and varieties of refrigeration oil. In order to ensure the normal operation of refrigeration compressor, it is necessary to understand the performance of refrigeration oil and select it correctly. The performance of Wuhan central air-conditioning refrigeration oil can be determined by many indicators. The main quality indicators are briefly introduced below.

Viscosity, viscosity is one of the most important performance parameters of lubricating oil, which determines the bearing capacity of oil film, friction power consumption and sealing capacity of sealing surface in sliding bearing. The viscosity of Wuhan central air conditioner is usually expressed in kinematic viscosity. The legal unit is m2/s, and the common units are st and cst.